Power2X Estonia

Power2X is developing an innovative green methanol production unit in Estonia’s Pärnu, targeting 500,000 tons/year green methanol starting operations in 2028

800,000 kiloton/yr

>200 direct jobs created

> €1 Bn Capital Investment

500 kilotons/yr MeOH produced

2028 Operational Date

Project Contribution to Estonia Wider Development

This strategic investment aims to support the creation of a flexible hydrogen economy that can absorb the intermittency of offshore wind power production, that will empower offshore wind expansion and enhance regional energy security.

The project of this magnitude will constitute significant GDP increase and create a large number of construction jobs during development and long term sustainable operations jobs in Estonia.

The produced bio- and e-methanol has the potential to save 1 million tonnes of CO2 per year by decarbonizing chemical production, maritime fuels, aviation fuels and other hard to decarbonize industries, both domestically and abroad.

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